Apr 06

Blogging As An Internet Marketing Tool

So what is blogging?

Basically a blog is a bit like an online diary. It is a place where you can express your views, tell people what is happening in your life, make comments on the latest news etc. You can comment on anything under the sun in effect.

So how does this help us with online marketing?

Initially when blogging really started in the late 1990s it was mainly a social tool. However the potential as a marketing aid soon became apparent and advertising has now tapped into the blogging scene.

So what are the advantages of blogging:-

Perhaps the simplicity is one of the main attractions. It is not rocket science. Anyone of average intelligence who can click a mouse is capable of writing a blog.

Also of course blogging is free!

Another advantage is that we have become somewhat blas about paid advertising so reading about products on a blog tends to give a more “natural” feel. We don’t think we are being pressurised when we read a person’s blog in the same way we may do when looking at paid advertisements.

Comments on a blog should come across as if talking to a friend. Avoid “in your face” type promotions. It is far better to promote your products in a “by the way have you seen this…”framework A good blog builds credibility. As people read more and more about your product you become regarded as an expert in your particular niche.

Are there any disadvantages to blogging?

Unless you are famous (or infamous!) the main problem is that, however good your blog may be, people may never see it! Perhaps your mum and a few friends might visit but this will not help you build your big business. So how do you overcome this?

If you already have a list then you could ask them to subscribe to your blog site by offering them some extra exclusive information. Build your list.

Joining a blog network is probably the best way forward. This should be a group of blogs within the same industry or made up of people with the same sort of interests. For example religion, politics hobbies etc are all catered for on the great internet highway.

Using* RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds. If you use effective keywords to generate high ranking status from search engine traffic you will have a greater possibility of people finding your website leading to your blogs. More traffic means more potential sales of course. (Note the word potential!)

So, yes, blogging should be part of your internet marketing campaign. I cannot go into greater depth here but hope that this little report has given you some ideas.

For more information I suggest you do a search on the internet for blogging directories. There are plenty there and these will help you get your posts published to a much wider audience.

To YOUR success

John Beaumont Internet Marketer


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