Feb 18

Do You Really Think It Is Possible To Make Money Blogging Or Not

What exactly is blogging for cash or profits. First of all blogs are web sites which have niches content or more specifically are geared around one main topic. An example would be if a blog site is about dogs you could discuss puppies,dog food,anything dog related. You would not want to put article blogs about cats on your dog blog site. Google is good at recognizing this and they give higher rankings to blog sites about one main topic.

Blogs generally started years ago as a hobby. They were fun sites to put your personal opinions online so others could respond and so on. Many blogs still are operated this way which is not a problem. Now blogs can be more than a hobby it can be financially rewarding.

Google adsense ads can be inserted on on your blog sites for free. When you get clicks you can get paid. The more traffic you generate the more revenue you can earn. It is very simple to use google adsense. Blog sites are very easy to set up. I recommend blogger and wordpress for your blog sites.

One often overlooked factor with blogs is link or banner advertising. You can put them on your blog sites and be paid very well if you generate sales. I could go on and on with other blog income possibilities such as widgets,youtube videos,social marketing,etc.

Here is what most of the successful bloggers do. They have a plan and execute that plan. Their blogs are set up properly and the internet machinery kicks in. They start generating residuals and income even while they sleep. Here is the most important blogging for cash tip. Give the bloggers valuable content. Give your bloggers articles of value. They will come back and invite others if your blog site offers information that is informative or educational.

Another key to blogging for cash online is you need the proper computer software. You need the right blog templates,blog software products, and blog promotional tools to succeed.

Last but not least is a very important blog marketing tip. Make sure you pick a reputable blog hosting site. There are two that stand above the rest in my opinion. One is wordpress and the second is blogger. Both of the sites are free. They offer excellent training tips. You can set up your sites fairly quickly.

One final note. Blogs are not the only way to earn money online. It is a very good starting point for internet newbies to test the waters. As you gain experience branch out into niche blogs. Many of the top internet marketers use several niche blogs to earn cash online.


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