Jan 26

Does Anyone Make Money Blogging

When you start researching ways to make money the question that comes up occasionally is “does anyone make money blogging”? The answer is some do and some don’t. Just like every other business opportunity.

Can we put into a percentage how many people actually make money blogging? That would virtually be impossible to say because there are millions of blogs online.

You would be accurate to say that the majority of those are not making money. If you were to look in a specific niche you would find that many of the blogs are not even monetized to make money.

For example, when you see a blog with Google ads on it you know that person is trying to make money with the Google Adsense affiliate program. If you click on one of those ads the publisher of that blog is going to earn a commission.

If you see ebooks that are being sold you know they’re trying to make money that way with their blog. You might even see banner ads on the blog. The publisher of this blog is either an affiliate for that specific product represented in the banner, or they are selling advertising on their blog.

One way that people make money blogging is to build an email list. This is a really good idea because when someone subscribes to your email list on your blog you can now keep in touch with them.

You know that everyone who comes to a blog is going to leave. If you have Google analytics installed you probably know exactly how long the average person spends on your blog. It might be a few seconds or it could be several minutes.

Regardless, when you capture their name and email address before they leave your blog, you can now get back in touch and sell products to them. You could even sell email solo ads to other Internet marketers.

You could send an email out directing people back to a blog post where you are selling a specific product, service, or program. Your email list becomes a source of instantaneous traffic that can lead to income from that specific mailing.

When you begin analyzing it you see there are many ways to make money blogging. Sharp Internet marketers do not limit themselves to one specific income stream.

They also are actively working on making money from their blog, and not just sitting idly by wasting away doing no one any good.


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