Jan 28

How To Make Money Blogging Get Started Today

Would you like to know how to start a blog, and make money from it? Millions of people are blogging, and thousands manage to create full-time incomes. You can do this too, and in a very short time. You’ll discover how in this article.

I’ve been making a great income from my blogs for the past ten years. Early on, there were scoffers. Bloggers were looked on as being somewhat strange. However, that soon changed, and now I get questions every day from people who want to make money from their blogs.

But can you really make money? Yes, you can. I’m offering you a strategy which is simple, but powerful, and it works fast. You’ll be pleased as you make your first dollars, and amazed as you make more money each week.

1. Start by deciding how you will make money from your new blog — before you create it. Unsuccessful bloggers build a blog, and add some posts, and then wonder how they will make an income from it. This doesn’t work.

How will your blog make money? Here are three options: affiliate sales, advertising-generated revenue, and selling services. Pick one — or any other option you prefer.

2. You can create your blog as soon as you’ve picked a revenue source. Your next step is to choose your keywords. This is essential. Choose those keywords which the buyers of your products will use to find you. Often you’ll find the keywords on sales pages.

In my early blogging years, I happily blogged without taking keywords into consideration. In those long ago days, blogs were so new that visitors arrived via the RSS feed. These days, you must include keywords in your blog’s title, description, and in each blog post.

3. Start blogging, keeping your “make money” goal in mind. Please stay focused on your goal. Remember why you’re doing what you’re doing. This stops you from wandering off the track in your posts.

I’m often asked: “how long until I make money?” This varies. Post to your blog as often as you can, keeping your keywords and goals in mind. Readers and buyers will arrive.

Now you know how to get started quickly, and you’ll make money blogging. While this process is simple, it’s also powerful, and it works.


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