Feb 25

Monetize Your Articles To Dramatically Improve Results

When it comes to articles, web developers should look at them as pure content. Just like videos, scripts, images, etc can be used to generate income, so can articles. Here are a few ways in which you can make your content work for you.

One way your articles can work for you is to draw traffic to your site. Web developers should always remember that your content is what primarily attracts your visitors, keeps them on your website for a long period of time and is largely responsible for them returning again and again.

By having high quality content written on interesting topics that compliment the overall theme of your website, you should be well on your way attracting visitors and keeping them. Unfortunately, there are those that cut corners and use spam content or content that doesn’t make much sense. These sites are called scraper sites or spam sites.

The content might look good to search engines, but not to the human eye. If you are looking for an easy way to fill your site with high quality content, you should always remember that there are no short cuts.

PLR articles are a great way to maximize your return on investment as well as give your visitors quality content. PLR stands for private label rights and this is content that is shared among a set of members.

Using PLR articles is a great way to fill your site up with high quality content, have visitors come to your site due to the content and keep them on your site for long periods of time as they gain information from your PLR articles.

The longer your visitors are on your site, the more important they usually rate it. One of the great ways to monetize your articles on your site is by offering services and products that coincide with your article’s content.

For instance, if you have a website based on gardening and you have a web-page with an article titled “Growing Delicious Tomatoes”, you may want to offer tomato seeds, or an ebook on growing the perfect tomatoes.

As you can see, you might be able to convert much more sales by using content instead of just having only an add advertising a tomato ebook. By giving visitors important information, making them feel comfortable at your site and allowing them to navigate around your site, you are actually building a relationship with a visitor.

While most visitors won’t buy your product during their first visit, if you constantly keep updating your contact, you can convert quite a few of your visitors as time progresses.

Articles are an extremely important part of any website and should not be ignored. If you are thinking of selling any type of product or service, you can increase your sales by monetizing your articles.


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