Apr 12

Monetizing the NGN Investment Market Prospects and Business Case for IMS and SDP based Application

Next Generation Networks (NGN) promises a high quality end-user experience. Telecommunications service providers expect the NGN framework to provide them with tools that would ensure customer loyalty. However, the path towards achieving the ideal NGN is fraught with formidable challenges. The most critical challenge confronting operators is optimizing their OSS and BSS platforms, systems, and processes.

Deciding where to invest in NGN applications is difficult without key business case analysis. Planning NGN application deployment is difficult without insights into application value to customers, services blending opportunities, or strategies for services migration.

Two key elements of NGN are Service Delivery Platforms (SDP) and the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) framework for service creation, delivery, and management. This report addresses the IMS and SDP ecosystem and value chain, applications, and provides a market forecast for 2011 through 2016.

The report also provides an overall business case analysis for IMS and SDP as well as a per-application assessment for major IMS based applications. Finally, the report provides specific recommendations for network operators, infrastructure providers, and application providers.

Key Benefits:

Market forecast from 2011 through 2016

Understand the business case for SDP and IMS

Identify the key applications within NGN environment

Identify services blending opportunities for various applications

Identify what VAS applications represent leading service opportunities

Understand how the mix of paid vs. unpaid services will evolve over time

Understand the changing role of end-user services and experience management

Identify the anticipated revenue opportunities for value-added service applications

Understand why some services will be subscription based while others will be on-demand or third party subsidized

Understand the evolution of value from bearer services to value-added service applications, content and information

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