Feb 19

New Viral Blogging Platform Blog Beast Expected To Change Blogging Landscape

With the release of Blog Beast, its new second-generation viral blogging system, Empower Network looks to revolutionize the blogging world.

Blog Beast, in which Empower Network invested $3 million and one year to develop, offers a multitude of features not yet seen among the current generation of blog software. Empower Networks new system allows users to maintain multiple blogs among multiple domains from one account and one login. It is faster, easier to use and a better design than the original version, as well as other blogging platforms, say company officials.

Blog Beast, a new, second-generation viral blogging solution from Empower Network, was launched on 18 October 2013 and the company expects it will revolutionize the Blogosphere!! Empower Network leaders have come together over the past 2 years to change the way they think, act, and present themselves in an online business. And now, after 3 million dollars invested and tested something brand new is coming that will forever change the way we interact and engage one another online.

Using Blog Beast, you can get started publishing content on the internet extremely easily, without any technical knowledge. Ive seen grandparents being able to use software more complex than this, so you should have no problem utilizing and monetizing off of this great platform. You dont need to have all the technical knowledge that you needed to have years ago to make a fortune of blogging because Blog Beast condenses everything that you need into a small package that you can access right from your computer or even on your phone! Its pretty awesome how you can do some writing on-the-go through your mobile device.

If you want to start making some money online or if you want to take your blogging to a whole other level, Blog Beast is the way to go.

Blog Beast is $25 per month, the same as the original Empower Network blogging system. Empower Network used the development codename ENV2 (pronounced Envy 2), as in Empower Network version 2, for Blog Beasts development.


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