Jan 22

Three Ways To Monetize A Personal Blog

With how easy it is for virtually anyone to create a blog, it is no wonder everyone has their own personal blog. But what a lot of people do not realize is that if you create a blog and post regular content, you can make money as a result. It does not matter what the personal blog is about; these techniques will work with any subject. People have said that there are several different ways to monetize your personal blog:

“Affiliate marketing: This is one of the major ways to make money online in today’s marketplace. There are several different programs available to affiliate marketers but the idea is always the same. This is the type of program where you advertise someone else’s products or services. There are several ways these programs pay out. One way is a percentage of the sales. This percentage can range from ten to forty percent of every sale. The other way is to split sales with the affiliate. For example the first sale goes to the affiliate, then the second sale goes to you, then they get the 3rd sale, you the 4th, and so on and so forth.

“Google Adwords: One of the basic ways to make money on any webpage is to put ads on the page. This way you make money every time someone clicks on an ad on your blog. These ads are automatically updated by Google based on the keywords you use on the webpage.

“Opt-In Form: This is one of the most common ways to monetize on any webpage. The only thing required here to make money is putting in a simple opt-in form on your blog. For those who do not know what an opt-in form is, it is a simple two line field. One line is for your name and then the second line is for your email address. By signing up in this form you give permission to the marketing folks to send you email updates on news and products in your niche. Once you get this list of people built up you send them a newsletter, updates or sales letters for your products related to the niche of your blog. Most people say you can average a dollar per person on your list.

All of these techniques can be used by most bloggers regardless of what type of blog they create and what niche they are in. You can easily use one of the above techniques or a combination of all of them. By using these techniques, anyone with a blog can make money. No matter what kind of subject you blog is about, there are always ways to make some money.


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