Feb 25

Types Of Articles That Make Blogging And Advertising Go Hand In Hand

To most, a blog is just an online journal. It is a place where anyone can write about any random stuff – like travel, electronics, shopping, cooking and even about love. But while some people have been blogging about their personal material and feelings, a lot of individuals have taken blogging to new dimensions.
So what is the new face of blogs now?

Blogs are now effectively used worldwide for product sales and advertisement. Note that bloggers do not necessarily have to say “buy this” to advertise. Since most bloggers are hard core writers too, they use different means to persuade their potential buyers.

Generally, they do their convincing by writing interesting topics about the products that they are trying to “sell”. They also usually present the facts in the following article types.

1. The “How To” articles.

As implied, these are articles that mainly focus on how to operate tools and equipment, how to complete a certain project, how to clean a house effectively and the like. This is an effective advertising tactic because when people see how easy it is to use a certain product, the readers will discover the need to acquire these products.

2. Review articles.

This is a more direct approach because here, blogging will mostly be centered on discussing the specifications, the advantages and the disadvantages of a certain featured product. By writing about these options, a reader will get the data that they can use to compare similar products from one another.

3. The “Secrets That You Did Not Know” articles.

This type of article, often appeal to the curious nature of individuals. By using the word “secrets” a blogger is somehow saying that if you miss this article, then you are missing the biggest opportunity or product of your life!

But while the heading makes the article very compelling to read, the blogger writing it should be up to the challenge of really capturing the interest of their reader by telling them something that they do not already know. Otherwise, the reader will leave the page and probably not return. And for a blogger, a non interested customer is a lost sale.

Those are the kinds of articles that bring blogging to the next level. According to some researchers, all of these are effective because they are appealing to read and they are very informative as well.


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